Garden Fail

I hereby declare my summer gardening over.  The vegetable harvest is done.  The only thing on a plant is an inch and a half long red pepper that never grew big enough to harvest.

This year was more successful than last.  Our four cucumber plants produced over a dozen tasty treats.  The kids loved eating sliced cucumber still warm from the sun.  I wish the other plants had been half as productive.  From four green pepper plants, we harvested a single green pepper in addition to the non-grower.  Of the eight tomato plants, only the patio tomato provided produce in the form of nine two to three-inch round tomatoes.  The herbs grew and we had fresh basil most of the summer.  Still, as I assess this past season, it goes in the failure category.

Now is the time to repeat the same pledge I made this time last year.  “This is the last year I try a backyard garden.”

4 responses to “Garden Fail

  1. It really can be so discouraging. Any notion of what’s giving you trouble? I have been, in the past, a complete over waterer and so had VERY limited success for multiple years. This year I chose to lean in the direction of neglect and had a much better season. And still, I consistently tell myself I won’t do it next year… until I see those seeds.

    • I suspect I have too much shade, but watering may be the problem too. Last year the squirrels stole most of my tomatoes and cukes. This year I put out bowls of water and they left stuff alone. Every year something different.

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  2. I had a disastrous attempt at my gutter garden — along the garage wall. Planted too soon in the CO cold? Too late? Not enough water? Yield: about 6 leaves of kale, 6 of spinach. My herbs and mint did well. My tomatoes — why did I ever try to grow from seeds? I’m going to try again next year!

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