Flowers and more for Juno

My cat Juno turns 13 this month. She is the only one of the five Sphynx cats we have owned to have reached this milestone. But caring for our senior cat is not without its challenges. Our Jumping June-Bug had a bad fall a few years back that has left her with a hitch in her giddy-up and ongoing arthritis. She’s been on a veterinary diet since she was young due to a digestive issue. In spite of these health challenges, she is as bossy, and gentle, and loving, and in command as she has been since the day we brought her home. She might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we love her and want to have a good life. Here are a few Juno approved items we love for senior cats. If you purchase through the amazon links, I might be able to get rid of the annoying ads on this page.

That balance!

The Catit drinking fountain has been a dream. We tried six different fountains, plus a water bowl before finding this beauty. Juno doesn’t always try to climb in, but we have noticed her drinking from the fountain several different ways. Sometimes she drinks from the top of the daisy, sometimes, she tries to lick the well hidden filter. In spite of the water you see on the mat, this fountain doesn’t leak or spill (although I am inclined to do so – oops).

Our younger, fluffier cats love this fountain as well and there is space for all three kitties to use it at the same time.

I love how easy this Catit fountain is to clean, but more importantly, the cats are motivated to drink and that is good for their kidneys.

The Catit fountain is usually around $25.00 at Amazon.

Fresh Catnip

Not every cat can pull off a catnip fascinator, but Juno rocks it.

Even older cats love the ‘nip. Dried catnip pillows are fun, and Juno rubs them so hard she almost falls over. But fresh catnip leaves bring a little something extra – a puzzle.

Older cats need mental stimulation. Since fresh catnip leaves can be large or small, cats have to figure out the best way to play. This large leaf was too hard for Juno to chomp in one bite. She had to figure out how to shred it. Another time, a small leaf kept moving away so she had to figure out how to secure it before another cat tried to claim it. We have also put a fresh leaf under a piece of paper so she had to figure out how to move the paper to get to the good stuff.

I grow catnip in a pot. I have kept the same plant going for 7 years simply by moving it to the garage in the winter.

Bottle of Dasuquin

Dasuquin for Cats

Our vet recommended adding this supplement to Juno’s daily routine. We give her one capsule daily sprinkled over soft cat food, usually pure tuna because that doesn’t upset her stomach. The few times we missed a day, we noticed she struggles more to get up and down steps. After her fall, she sometimes clicked when walking. That stopped within a month of starting Dasuquin.

Prices vary, but it’s usually about $25 for a three months supply through Amazon.

Low Entry Litter Box

No pic for this one – Juno is far to dignified to appear in a litter box photo. A low entry litter box is terrible if you have a litter kicker and it hold a max of two inches of litter, far less than the recommended 4, but the alternative is to clean up cat poop outside of the box on a daily basis. Most of the time, she prefers her top entry litter boxes, but on days where that jump is a bit much, the low entry litter box is nice to have. Low entry litter boxes run $30 and up – with some fancy versions hitting the triple digits.

I hope you find these items helpful as you care for your senior cat. All items are Juno approved and endorsed by her fluffy minions.