About my book reviews

I never intended for this to be a book blog.  It’s not, but books are a big part of my life and when one gets me particularly riled up in a positive or negative way, I come here to express my thoughts.

Some time back, an author called me out, claiming I do not know how to write a review and only offered my opinion instead.  I could, I suppose, reiterate the blurb, name the main characters and identify the major and minor conflicts as well as address the author’s technical execution.  But here’s why I don’t review that way: If you can read this sentence, you are perfectly capable of reading the publisher supplied blurb.  I don’t wish to insult your intelligence by repeating the same thing.

My reviews are unabashedly my opinion. I will let you know if I liked the book or not. But I will also, to the best of my ability, place the book in its larger context.  When I studied history, I wrote a lot of book reviews and historiographic essays. I incorporate that experience to my reading and reviews now.  Books do not exist in a vacuum. There are only so many ideas and so many plots out there. I consider how the book stands in relationship to others when I offer my reviews. If I’m not comfortable with a genre, I won’t review a book in it.  Some exceptions may be found in “The January Project” my made up thing to give books reviews.

So far, I review books found “in the wild.”  They are book I have bought new or secondhand because the topic appealed or ones I’ve found at the library. I mostly review and post on Goodreads and my reviews have gotten shorter through the years, although if I read one with less than 50 reviews, I try to include a thoughtful review. I know how hard it is for a book lacking reviews to be seen or to gain traction.

If some author out there is really desperate for me to read their book, contact me through this site. 



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