my next cat

I’ve come to a conclusion.  I need to get another cat. Not that there’s anything wrong with my Juno and Rojo, or even the friendly black cat that enjoys sunning himself in the backyard, but they’re not Snorrabraut.  Yes, I know, what your thinking what sort of a name is Snorrabraut and what sort of a person would burden a cat with that name?  All I can say is you didn’t just return from a great trip to Iceland.

To celebrate my birthday, Hubby and I flew to Iceland and rented a car.  Our ever helpful GPS, who tsk-tsked us in a lovely British accent whenever we strayed from our destination, introduced us to our next cat by imploring us to “Turn left on Snorrabraut.”  This street in Reykjavik, pronounced like “Snore-a-broad” became our new favorite.  We purposely went off course so listen to her demand that now we turn right on Snorrabraut.

Yes, we are strange, but say it a few time.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.  See. Now doesn’t that sound like a great name for a cat and a cheeky way to remember a terrific trip?

At some point, I’ll shift through the hours of video and nearly 1,000 photos to offer up more adventures from our trip.  I hope you’ll come back for them. With any luck, you’ll be inspired to dust off your passport too.


How do they get so much done?

Every day or week that goes by without my posting a new blog, my mailbox fills with announcements of a new blog post by one of the many people I follow.  Several of my favorites find the humor in parenting and the surprising reality of being a stay at home mom.  They hit home and make me smile.  They also make me green with envy. How do these women find time to blog on a regular basis?

Suburban Snapshots details Brenna’s unexpected parenthood journey. And it’s freakin’ hilarious.  Most moms will probably wet their pants (a side effect of childbirth) the rest of you can simply enjoy learning how having a toddler is like being at a frat party.  I am in awe that her parenting brain works well enough to be witty. I’m not sure what happened to my brain.  I think it slunk off in shame during an endless game of Chutes and Ladders.

I am also utterly impressed with Amber of Parenting, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures.  For one thing, her art skills are superior to mine. After hours spent at the kitchen table with paper, crayons, markers and pencils, I end up with a beautiful refrigerator (the kids’ pictures) and a bunch of paper for the recycling (my efforts). I love the mix of humor and heart, but most of all I love knowing that I’m not the only one with the “five-hour rule.”

When I read these bloggers in particular, I feel better about neglecting the housework. I’m inept at it anyway. As for the kids letting me have a chance to read, well, thank goodness for bloggers who know how to make a site look good. The kids love the pictures, but my 8 yr old thinks Amber should hire her to do the illustrations.

I would love to blog about important stuff (see the half finished blogs on tunnel tolls and ultrasounds), or even the everyday stuff (Legos) and produce something on a more regular basis.  But I don’t.  I like my sleep, my TV and playing tapfish. My kids can play nicely on their own for hours, but once the computer comes out, they hang all over me, desperate and clingy.  They are jealous of the laptop. Just as I am jealous of those parents who can write a book, or a blog or even just have clean floors.  My hat off to those superheros among us.

Oh – and if you know of anyone else I should add to my regularly scheduled blog reading list, let me know.  I could use a few more ways to waste time.